Our Most Popular Posts for Better Cities

25 Jul Our Most Popular Posts for Better Cities

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We would like to share with you our last internal analytics (July 2016) showing which are the posts that the community following us has read the most. A community of public servants, researchers, independent professionals, experts working in cities, private companies, non-profit organizations or engaged citizens from all over the world are following us and reacting to our thoughts and proposing interesting ideas to improve Urban Resilience.

The top 3 posts in 2016 are:

1. European Research and new markets for Resilience with our UK friends

Resilience projects funded by European funds, just after the outcome of the Brexit referendum

2. Resilience is also for YOUR City

Implementing resilience does not need to be an expensive process

3. The Resurgence of Urban Resilience / El resurgimiento de la Resiliencia Urbana

Some thoughts on the conceptualization of Urban Resilience and a table comparing different Urban Resilience assessment methodologies

The 2 posts with most LinkedIn likes in 2016:

1. The City Is Awakened: Our proposition to implement resilience.

2. The importance of strong indicators on city management of Urban Resilience: How can we find a good indicator for urban resilience monitoring?

The other 2016 posts are listed here below from most to least recently published:


The most read post, published in 2015, is:

We’ll continue to post in this blog in September and come back with a new offer in our HAZUR Academy and a new version of HAZUR software with amazing functionalities.

Keep learning from cities and territories you will visit or continue to improve the ones you live in!


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