“Winter is coming” to our cities

13 Sep “Winter is coming” to our cities



In Barcelona, summer is over, the new school year has begun and our training courses in urban resilience have been running for a year. We are really proud of our travel and we would like to share with you the news of this exciting new season of opportunities.

As some of you already know, our vision about resilience in cities has started some years ago when we decided to help urban areas to build resilience. However we found out that our approach was far too new and disruptive for field people, and we barely could make ourselves understood. So we “iterate”.

We tested and offered online courses that showed how to apply our ideas and tools on the field with the aim to share our way to build resilience, letting each expert and each city walking their own path to resilience.

Now it’s been a year. We learned a ton about how to teach resilience and we feel enough confident to expand our offer to different stakeholders involved in the city resilience. Thanks to the feedback from our partners and HAZUR Community and the hard work from our team we are “failing fast”, learning and validating to improve many aspects of our products. We have also been learning a lot in large, medium and small cities to add more value and build better proposals.

So, now we are pleased to announced the launching of our new HAZUR® certification courses and, soon, a new HAZUR® software (as a service) tool version. For the training certification courses, we have worked to be more clear and interactive. For the software, we are adding intuitive, complete and result-oriented features. Both of them are proposals adapted for cities, professionals and organizations to accomplish our shared vision.

So, in the next months, we will work hard to continue sharing with you our knowledge with some good news to facilitate the projects and the work of our certified experts adapting the HAZUR® process in different cities with the help, the validation and the advice from experts and researchers of important multilateral organizations, universities and industry.

To know further on our activity, you can always contact us per e-mail or in our web, or meet us in Barcelona or at one of the main events on the future urban agenda and on city-related technologies that we will attend this autumn as part of the urban resilience community: Habitat III in Quito, IASP Moscow and Smart City Expo in Barcelona.

As you can see we are very excited to provide you with new tools & services and we hope they will be useful to you when winter finally comes to our cities!


Ignasi Fontanals, Founding Partner


Click here to visit our HAZUR® Academy webpage!

Visita aquí nuestra HAZUR® Academy en castellano!

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