Bristol, Lisbon and Barcelona powered by HAZUR

03 Nov Bristol, Lisbon and Barcelona powered by HAZUR


One and a half year ago, we kicked off the RESCCUE project. RESCCUE, Europe’s first large-scale innovation and urban resilience project, promotes the perception of a city as a whole, i.e. as a complex system of interconnected systems. This approach will be familiar to many of our audience, because it’s our same analysis vector. RESCCUE is the embodiment of our way of analyzing cities in the form of an European project.

To put this philosophy into practice, RESCCUE applies the existent HAZUR tool and assessment methodology, which provides an analysis of the interdependencies among different city services and simulates the cascade effects in case of impacts that may affect the city. Although the RESCCUE project counts on partners representing different points of view in terms of urban infrastructures, the nature of the project requires to widen and deepen the scope constantly. With that in mind, project coordinator Aquatec – SUEZ Advanced solutions and OptiCits organized on the 22nd of September a workshop aimed to analyze the interconnectivities among various urban services in the Barcelona research site with representatives of urban service operators, such as Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona, Aigües de Barcelona, Autoritat del Transport Metropolità  and Endesa as well as members of Barcelona City Council and researchers from IREC, Catalonia Institute for Energy Research. The event started with a brief presentation on the RESCCUE project followed by an introduction to HAZUR, the project’s core tool. Afterwards, the participants were split up into two groups and tried to analyze the functioning of Barcelona’s urban services and the existing interdependencies by using HAZUR. Finally, the session was closed with a discussion on the complexity of our cities and the inevitable need of taking a holistic approach to urban resilience.


Thanks to this workshop (and the analog processes in Lisbon and Bristol), we accomplished one of the goals of the project: the analysis of the interdependencies of the three main cities (Bristol, Lisbon and Barcelona) with their strengths and weaknesses.

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