Cities and organizations with skilled professionals

03 Nov Cities and organizations with skilled professionals

As leading pioneers in the operational application of Urban Resilience, Opticits shares knowledge and experiences in an effort to spread the goods of Urban Resilience point of view.

We continue to train city experts. We have worked with professionals from leading organizations as UN Habitat (KN), Suez (ES), Exeter University (UK), Old Domino University (USA), EIVP (FR), IMREDD (FR), Ari Virginia Tech (USA), Cap Gemini (FR), Tecnalia (ES), Typsa (ES), Intec (JP), Hidra (PT) and others. On top of our own courses that you can enrol online at the HAZUR Academy we also collaborate on three master’s degrees and some other initiatives with the academic and research sector.


Our present colaborations:



  • Institute of the University Nice Sophia Antipolis, IMREDD (France), in the 1 Year Program MSc Engineers for Smart Cities. A degree for engineers that seek multidisciplinary solutions to face the increasing uprising of menaces for cities. From Smart Cities high-tech approach to heavy social-inclusive solutions. Obviously, Urban Resilience is a must have in this kind of program.




  • And we also collaborated with , AIT and UNESCO-IHE (Thailand/Netherlands), Exeter University (UK) , Ural Federal University (RUS) and Old Domino University (USA) in other related academic and research activities.


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