Saving money with Urban Resilience and open data

03 Nov Saving money with Urban Resilience and open data

To expand our knowledge about city management and risk reduction, we like keeping a consulting department that helps cities nearby. This year we are implementing solutions not only to assess, but also to manage the city resilience in different cities. Some examples of our last costumers are:

  • Olesa de Montserrat: a small municipality near Barcelona. Opticits consulting worked there with some local partners and assess the resilience of the city and their surroundings. The town (20k inhabitants, approx.) has some peculiarities, like some heavy chemical industry, lots of Mediterranean forest areas (REALLY vulnerable to wildfires) and its proximity to Montserrat (one of the most iconic geologic formations in the area). This was the first city entirely approached with open data during the pre-assessment phase.


  • Terrassa: a medium city (about 200k inhabitants, approx.) north of Barcelona. Opticits consulting team has worked with the city council to assess the city resilience. At the end of the project, we designed a manage system with the intention of providing data to the city council. Currently we are planning the integration of more systems and players into the system. This city has had impacts related to wind costing over 2,000,000 € , which we are working to significantly reduce using resilience strategies.

If you are interested in the consulting services that can be provided thanks to HAZUR® you can download the catalogue. We can directly help you or refer you to one of our partners.


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