19 Jun Opticits and urban resilience

The startup helps councils to simulate the response of city services due to acute shocks and chronic stresses

What happens in a city when there is flooding? There are companies that calculate the height at which the water can rise, but the question is how this crisis might affect city services. This is what Opticits does, helping cities to create urban resilience plans. The startup has created the first online platform "for local authorities and companies to study the interdependence and effects between the different services in a city during a crisis," says Ignasi Fontanals, the company’s CEO.
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12 Jun 7 key learnings from a EU startup that is “2 Years Ahead Of The Market” (2YAOTM)

    In Barcelona we have the 4YFN (Four Years From Now, the startup business platform of Mobile World Congress Barcelona), the Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) and the Barcelona Resilience Days. They all talk about entrepreneurship, sustainability, resilience, technology, quantum computing... But after 2 years of experience as entrepreneur member of a EU project, I must say that we would need a new event call "2 Years Ahead Of The Market" (2YAOTM) for those who are sailing across the ocean of real entrepreneurship to provoke a paradigm shift in cities.
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18 Sep Impact Business Models for a Resilient World

Impact Business Model for a Resilient World



This summer Barcelona was hit by a terrible impact. First responders were the urban services working together with emergencies, police and the people facing cascading failure events between city services. Mobility was affected and taxis were taking the families outside of the area. Then, bars and restaurants offered food and water to the afraid citizens. Relatively far from the event, since the accesses to the city were closed cars had to stay on the ring road for hours suffering from high temperatures, thus needing at least some water to drink. People living nearby brought water to bring a basic service to the blocked drivers.
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25 Jul Our Most Popular Posts for Better Cities

wp 11-v2 We would like to share with you our last internal analytics (July 2016) showing which are the posts that the community following us has read the most. A community of public servants, researchers, independent professionals, experts working in cities, private companies, non-profit organizations or engaged citizens from all over the world are following us and reacting to our thoughts and proposing interesting ideas to improve Urban Resilience.
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03 Jun Impact Entrepreneurship for 10.000 Resilient Cities

impact Blog Some years ago, after a research paper and a successful experience collaborating with a Mediterranean city, some pioneer entrepreneurs, academic experts and social investors started the mission to contribute to better life in cities by improving their urban resilience. We had the vision to develop the best affordable and smart tools to be introduced in cities by certified professionals and organizations.
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27 May Could have HAZUR avoided the tyre dump fire near Madrid?

Weekly Post Seseña On Friday 13 May a tyre dump near a residential development in Seseña (36 km from Madrid city centre) went up in flames. Since 2001, tyres have been dumped at this illegal dump stretching over 10 hectares. And even if the site was declared illegal and its owner convicted of environmental crime, none cleaning up measures had been undertaken. Two weeks after the event, the fire is under control and, according to official data, the pollution remains within legal thresholds. However, neighbours are advised not to open doors and windows, schools remain closed, and there is a controversy over how the incident is being handled. Would a resilience plan have helped? We do think so.
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13 May Resilience is also for YOUR City

skyline We read the interview to the President of the 100 Resilient Cites at Bloomberg / BNA[1] talking about moving from 100 to 10,000 Resilient Cities and were proud of seeing that resilience approach takes more and more space in the media beyond leading cities and organizations. But probably you are not living in New York, Barcelona, Sydney or Singapore. Do not worry: resilience is not only for some chosen cities.
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