H A Z U R   C O N S U L T I N G

HAZUR Consulting are the professional and engineering services directly provided by OptiCits to help cities and organizations to create more resilient cities.

Resilience Action Plans

Assess your city to create a Resilience Action Plan and implant the best tools to embrace resilience. Using HAZUR methodologies our certified experts will help you to design and develop your resilience strategies for your municipal services.


Create in your organization new management systems to cope with Resilience based on the emerging standard bodies norms for cities and HAZUR methodologies last improvements.

Training and Professional empowerment

Empower the different city professionals in your city or organization that need to work with a resilient vision for its municipal services. We provide educational services specialized on city management and resilience.

Systems of Systems support for new “Smart Urban Services”

Deploy your innovative strategies and new technological tools based on HAZUR methodology with a system of system and resilience approach. Be able to conceptualize city flows to deploy urban platforms based on Internet of Things solutions integrated with HAZUR software capabilities.


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