R E S I L I E N C E   A C A D E M Y

City Resilience Expert with the (new!) HAZUR® 


Now with an improved HAZUR method supported by new functionalities and modules to:


1. Create a purpose and prepare the city stakeholders to understand risks and resilience thinking

2. Provide better technical analysis in a Resilience Assessment based on interconnections among services 

3. Introduce Climate Change variables to analyze different scenarios 

4. Support the creation of a Decision Support System based on a global simulation of cascading effects when an impact strike




20 hours / 4 weeks




Professionals with experience in Climate Change, Architecture & Planning, Information Technologies, Smart Cities and City Management


Partly self-paced
Personal follow-up
Online tutoring


Advanced Certification in Urban Resilience with HAZUR®



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This course emerge as a response to the urgent need of facing the responsibilities of managing integrated solutions and responses to different and threatening urban challenges. It will present an innovative and integrated methodology and a software solution call HAZUR to frame urban resilience through a multidisciplinary, cross sectors and across scales perspectives, At the same time it will permit to develop a new range of services to cities related with resilience.


HAZUR Partners are transforming the way we think about how urban services are managed allowing a strategic management and operation of cities across the globe. Cities depend on the effective and reliable operation of infrastructure systems to deliver energy, mobility, water, sanitation, shelter, information, emergency response and other critical services. Across the globe, governments, business and communities are seeing an ever-increasing frequency of extreme weather-related events. Based on real world study cases and using the HAZUR software, the course will provide you the necessary business knowledge, scientific basis, networking resources and an innovative tool for handling the complexity of urban services towards resiliency.


The course has involved international partners in Urban Resilience, Services Vulnerability, Urban Strategy, Territorial Management, Smart Cities, Hazards, Interdependency, Urban Networks and Services, Urban Services, Risk, Systems Theory, System of Systems (SoS) and complex systems.


This allow us to really address city resilience with HAZUR as an innovative solution. Such mix of experts from both science, institutions and companies will teach you how to manage the public –private partnerships, necessary to work with urban Resilience.





You will see real city cases and have free access to an innovative tool:

  • To easy visualize and organize city information
  • To get your resilience map to start changing the management of cities
  • To build up your own real city case
  • To be prepared to start HAZUR® simulation
  • Specializing in urban resilience is a way to enter into the emerging market of cities
  • The practical approach of this course will help you to lead the Urban Resilience implementation with HAZUR®  with lessons learned from real city cases and EU research projects


SOFTWARE INCLUDED: Includes access to HAZUR® during the course to assess one city 


At the end of the course students will be able to:

  • Establish connections among stakeholders in the development and management of urban resilience
  • Apply HAZUR methodology during the management of urban resilience
  • Manage an urban resilience scenario with NEW HAZUR software
  • Inform the correct key metadata in the Hazur systems to ensure the efficiency when dealing with urban resilience scenario
  • Boost your career and find real opportunities to work in the city sector
  • Be a pioneer in new ideas to assess and manage Urban Services
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors


Luis Fontanals

Expert in Urban Resilience Management

Graham Colclough

Expert in Smart and Resilient Cities

Dr. Frederick Krimgold

Researcher in Disaster Risk Management and Resilience

Ignasi Fontanals

Expert in Urban Services Management

Pau Soler

Expert in implementing HAZUR process in cities

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