C I T Y   R E S I L I E N C E   C O M M U N I T Y

Global professionals, experts, researchers and city leaders are creating a community to share knowledge and experiences to change the way we manage urban services and infrastructures in cities


“What I learnt in the Advanced Certification of Urban Resilience with HAZUR will be useful to better understand how Indian cities can better adapt to periodic climate-related catastrophes.”

Manu Gupta, Director at SEEDS India

“There are variations on the definition of resilience. THE USE OF HAZUR APPROACH IN DIFFERENT CITIES WILL BE AN EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY.”

Dr. Frederick Krimgold, Director at ARI – Virginia Tech

“Resilient urban services are the prerequisite to have a sustainable green city. HAZUR® is the right tool to develop city council’s governance capacity to monitor, to learn, to anticipate and to respond.”

Remigio Rancan, Engineer

Resilience and Sustainability Consultant in Vicenza, Italy

“As city managers, we have a great responsibility to bring resilient services to citizens.”

Ví­ctor Martínez, Director of Urban Quality Management at Sant Cugat del Vallès City Council

“As technical responsible of the city services, the Advanced Certification in Urban Resilience with HAZUR will help me to implement resilience to manage the periodic crises we suffer in a mountain tourist town.”

Sandra Rigol, City Engineer at Esterri d’Àneu

“We are working with cities from the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona to provide more RESILIENT services with new assessment tools and methodologies.”

Gustavo Rodríguez, Energy Infrastructures Chief at Barcelona Regional

“The resilience approach of HAZUR can be useful to tackle with frequent flooding in the territory of Cannes.”

Pierre Pizana, Geography at University of Nice Sophia Antipolis


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